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Blue Trendy’s Mango Aromatherapy Massage oil 250 ml.

 13,00  12,00

  • TRY: 116.04TL

Our massage oils provide the highest level of lubricity and moisturize the skin with the oils in the contents. Massage oils are also used in all natural and vitamin E containing soya oil and hazelnut oil.

Care to help relieve and relieve pain. Helps to accelerate blood circulation, move capillary vessels to action.

Rosmarin Mango Oil Cream 150 ml.

 12,00  9,99

  • TRY: 96.60TL

Rosmarin Mango Cream 150ML

Mango, potassium, fiber and a strong antioxidant store, it stimulates and moisturizes the skin and hair and prevents water loss. It opens the clogged pores in the skin and helps to lift the pores.