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Harem’s Coconut Oil 100 ml. / Facial care


  • TRY: 199.50TL

We can call it a natural moisturizer for coconut oil. Can be applied to whole body and face. It increases the level of collagen in the cells and helps to reduce wrinkles.

Harem’s Foot Care Cream 100 ml.


  • TRY: 166.09TL

Softens hard skin. It is helpful to have a well-maintained, smooth, excellent legs. It is suitable for pedicure use.

Usage: It is recommended to apply with clean circular motion in the morning, evening with slight circular massage movements.

Harem’s Juniper Oil Winter Cream 135 ml. / Body care & Massage


  • TRY: 166.25TL

The miraculous effect of the natural oils it contains helps to keep your skin well-groomed. It accelerates blood circulation and provides you with a more vibrant skin. Menthol refreshes and makes you feel more fit.

Harems Natural Argan oil 60ml.


  • TRY: 224.44TL

It nourishes your skin and hair and helps you look better.

When applied to the hair, it moisturizes, strengthens and restores dry, worn hair.

ITOUCH Massage Cream


  • TRY: 166.09TL

Massage cream is more viscous than oil in structure. It helps to relax by moisturizing your body.