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“Handmade Soap” Natural Olive Oil Scented with Rose 125gr.


  • TRY: 16.63TL

“Handmade Soap” Natural Olive Oil Scented with Rose 125gr.

Nu-Ka %100 Natural Rose Aromatherapy Massage Water 250 ml.


  • TRY: 149.63TL


It is also possible to use this wonderfully scented water for cleansing the skin and for skin beauty. Here are the benefits of rose water on the skin:

  • It enlivens tired skin because it contains natural A and C vitamins. The skin relieves fatigue.
    Gives shine on the skin.
    Contains anti-inflammatory substances that are essential for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. This helps to make the skin look youthful.
    It is an excellent moisturizer especially for dry skin. …

Nu-Ka Sweet Almond Aromatherapy Massage Oil 250 ml.


  • TRY: 315.88TL

Skin Care and Massage Oil
100% pure constant oil

It is relaxed when applying moist skin after bathing. It is indispensable for body care.
It should be used especially on dry and sensitive skin. Moisturizes and softens by creating barrier. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Banyodan, then on your skin, which is moist, does not work with some amount of urine. Massage for about 5 minutes. It is suitable for daily use. Everyday available.

Rosmarin Rose Cream 150 ml.


  • TRY: 166.09TL

Rosmarin Rose Cream 150ML

Rose cream is used for facial and body massage due to pilling effect, cell renewal feature.
Rose is a natural product used in beauty and health prescriptions for centuries. Cleopatra has been established in the university about to be popular with the encounter of historical sources of using rose milk.
It is the most effective skin tone known in the world.

Thalia Natural Rose Soap 150 gr.


  • TRY: 66.50TL

Thalia Natural Rose Soap is a fragrant skin soap that you can easily use in your face with rose essence and rose water.

Tightening and tonic effect helps to remove the soothing effects of makeup on the skin. This allows you to protect the moisture balance of your sensitive skin.

With a special perfume and dermatologically tested soap base you will feel that your skin is cleaner and cleaner.