Aydın %100 Natural pumpkin fiber for child


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How to use ?

When used together with water, massage effect in almost every region of your body. In use, the soap or shower gel is foamed and back soaped, then thoroughly cleaned with zucchini fiber.


In the land it is usually obtained from the filamentous vegetable that grows in wetlands. The dried shells of the plant are peeled and boiled with hot water and then pressed with pumpkin fiber.

The skin opens the pores and breathes to your skin and accelerates blood circulation. By fulfilling this process, the dead cells on the skin are renewed, preventing the formation of grease on the skin surface.

Therefore, acne, acne, such as skin surface lubrication problems are used to help solve problems.

It regularly reduces cellulite formation as well as eliminates cellulite formation in the body.

It does not contain any chemical additives and it is processed completely by natural methods. Because it is a natural product, it is fully compatible with human nature.

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