Welcome to Queen Body web site

Have you sometimes found yourself considering natural solutions but felt paralysed over the uncertainty of ‘what, and how to use it’? In the past, we’ve found ourselves guilty as charged of buying that cheap import; wanted to use those green products but found ourselves worrying, ‘do they actually work’? We’ve felt powerless to affect the size of of the carbon footprint we’re leaving; and too felt conflicted by an endless stream of advertising pointing us in so many opposing directions.

Our journey began in earnest after another dearly loved one was lost to cancer. It has been a remarkable journey of discovery of natural solutions and products that promote health and well-being.

We would love to share what we have learnt. We want to provide a platform for the truly wonderful products we have discovered. We hope to help every one of us to live life as naturally as possible, without causing harm to ourselves, other people, animals or the earth.


Only use natural ingredients in our products
Support local community initiatives and ethical, fair trade practices
Source all our products in TURKEY – being proudly TURKEY means supporting local industry
Believe in sharing information and constantly learning
Believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships with suppliers and customers
We only sell natural, organic products we use and believe in ourselves

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